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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my ad be listed for?

We do not place a time limit on any sale items listed on DymonMine.com. We will list your sale item for as long as it takes to sell. We will also remove your ad if you ask us to, or if you are no longer a Dymon Storage customer. We monitor the interest and activity of all sale items, and after a period of time or increased number of showings, we may suggest an adjustment of the sale price.


Are there any restrictions about what items can be listed?

Yes, we impose certain restrictions on DymonMine.com. We require that all sale items carry a minimum value of $50 (individually or collectively). The item must be in good condition to be registered and up-loaded, and the sale item cannot be on our prohibited items list. For a more complete listing of our prohibited items please see our Prohibited Items.


Do I have to provide a telephone number or email address?

As a seller we require personal contact information as you will have to sign a Standard Lease Agreement with Dymon Storage. As a buyer we require photo ID and an e-mail address or phone number in order to purchase a sale item. In both cases there are several reasons why Dymon Storage staff may need to contact you. If you have concerns or require more info please see our Privacy Policy.


How do I remove my listing?

Should you wish to remove your listing from DymonMine.com for any reason, you can contact us by phone or email to have the listing removed. We will remove the sale item from the web-site as soon as possible to prevent any further viewing or inquiries.


How do I find out which Dymon Storage location a sale item is stored?

When you select a sale item you are interested in buying, there is a full description of the item, sale price, and the location of the Dymon Storage facility the item is stored. For a map and directions to any of our Dymon Storage facilities, please see our Locations.


How do I view the products in person?

Once you have found the item you are interested in buying, and want to see it in person, all you need to do is go to the Dymon Storage facility where the item is located (during retail hours). A Dymon Storage staff member will showcase the item for you (please remember to bring photo ID for identification purposes). If you like what you see, you can purchase the item on site and take it home with you. We accept various payment methods including, all major credit cards, debit and cash.