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How DymonMine Works


Dymon Storage now provides a unique way for you to buy and sell stuff on-line, in a safe, convenient and hassle free way! DymonMine.com blends the unique item appeal of an on-line marketplace with the comfort of a retail store environment.

We created DymonMine.com for busy people like you! Whether you are de-cluttering, down-sizing, right-sizing, an executor of an estate, staging your home and/or moving - Dymon Storage has the solution for you. We take care of the selling for you, efficiently and effectively!

Creating an Account

By creating a DymonMine.com account, you will be able to take advantage of the many unique features that set us apart. Your personal Account Dashboard will enable you to ask questions about sale items, make offers on items, and subscribe to new product notifications.

Buying Process

  • Check out our new and pre-owned items on DymonMine.com
  • Create a checklist of items to buy
  • Visit the appropriate Dymon Storage facility where the item is being stored
  • You will have the opportunity to preview the sale item before you buy it
  • Purchase the sale item using a variety of secure payment methods
  • Bring the item home yourself, or arrange for delivery by Dymon

Selling Process

  • Lease a space at Dymon Storage
  • Sale item(s) must be valued at minimum of $50
  • The consignment fee is 15% of the sale price
  • Our staff will photograph, describe and up-load your item
  • We showcase the item(s) and complete the sale
  • Then we send you a cheque
  • It's that simple!

Innovative Offer System

Along with the options above to buy and sell on DymonMine.com, we offer a completely new offer system. This unique system allows buyers to place offers on items. Sellers will receive anonymous emails with the buyer's offer. They can then choose to accept, decline, or counter the offer, which means a buyer will then receive a similiar anonymous email from the seller. This process will continue until an offer is either accepted or declined. Dymon will then process the sale.

This innovative offer system helps to sell items faster and at the right price for both parties. Just another way DymonMine.com is working to offer you the best possible service.

Discover the Dymon Difference...

DymonMine.com offers professional photography services, high quality images and descriptions, low consignment fees, a dedicated and professional web-site, friendly and knowledgeable staff, extended business hours, various payment methods, and delivery services, and most importantly, you will experience customer service like never before.

We Accept - All Major Credit Cards / Cash / Debit

Payments Can Be Made Online!

No Returns - All Sales are Final