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Dymon Storage now provides the ultimate solution for busy people just like you! DymonMine.com is our innovative online marketplace for selling new or pre-owned items.

Imagine no strangers in your home, no haggling, no missed appointments. You'll never have to deal with potential buyers again. Let our Dymon Storage staff handle the selling for you, efficiently and effectively!

Selling Process

  • Lease a storage unit at Dymon Storage
  • Sale item(s) must be valued at $50 or above
  • The consignment fee is 15%
  • Our staff photograph, describe and up-load your item
  • We showcase your item and complete the sale
  • Then send you a cheque
  • It's That Simple!

Lease With Dymon Storage

Lease With Dymon Storage

Dymon Storage is a locally owned and operated business serving the Ottawa area. We are the industry leader for storage solutions in Ottawa. Our facilities are designed to provide the best possible storage experience for our residential and commercial customers. Our state of the art facilities are conveniently located, we welcome you with large drive-in bays to protect you and your items from the weather. Full climate and humidity control, enhanced security features, clean and bright corridors, a retail store for moving and packing materials, and exceptional customer service, are just some of the features that set Dymon apart.

At the time of move-in, speak to our sales associate about the items you want to sell on DymonMine.com. They will guide you through the process of setting this up.

Lease With Dymon Self Storage

Describing and Pricing Items

It is helpful to provide us with some product information and establish sale prices for your items. Our staff can assist where possible in writing a description and giving a basic estimate of an items value. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to decide the sale price. For items of higher value it is beneficial to refer to an appraisal, original receipt, or certificate of authenticity.

Lease With Dymon Self Storage

Showing Sale Items

The best part of DymonMine.com is you don't have to be there! Our staff will showcase your sale item to potential buyers. You don't have to let people in your home! We complete the sale on your behalf and buyers have a variety of payment methods available. We accept all major credit cards, debit and cash.

Lease With Dymon Self Storage

After the Sale

Once an item listed on DymonMine.com has SOLD - you are notified via e-mail and we will send you a cheque! Our consignment fee is 15% of the item sale price. Selling stuff on-line couldn't be easier!